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Kris Reviews on GeauxFit Training 4 years ago

GeauxFit Training

3 Rating  

GeauxFit is the epitome of a shiesty gym and the embodiment of liberal America snowflake culture. The owner has assaulted members and in some cases stolen thousands from unsuspecting customers. If you're interested in a long term gym, this is not what you want. Be weary of giving these liars and thieves any of your hard earned cash. They will go so far as to falsify documentation and slander your good name if you dispute charges. I hope karma finds its way for the disservice they've done to our community.

Cons: Shady billing, passive aggressive actions towards Walmart and Starbucks shoppers. Disingenuous training. Will let you do push-ups wrong for 3 months until you hurt yourself to get non liberals out of the gym.

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