Ahh, Bourbon Street.  This tiny, historic strip in the French Quarter is a cultural hub of New Orleans filled with everything from souvenir shops to some of the best bars in the country, great restaurants and, of course, Mardi Gras.  When it comes to bars, though, you've definitely got your fair share of them to choose from.  Here's our pick for some of the best bars on Bourbon Street.

Pat O'Brien's - One of the oldest and best bars on Bourbon Street, Pat O'Brien's is the place to be for Mardi Gras and all the great happenings in the French Quarter.  Order up a world famous Hurricane drink - a red, fruity rum concoction - in the famous glass for the authentic Pat O'Brien's experience.

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop -  Lafitte's has been called the oldest continually occupied bar in the U.S. and resides in one of the oldest structures in New Orleans.  At night, nearly all the lighting at Lafitte's comes from candles giving the bar the real feel of the 1700's when it was built.

Cat's Meow - The Cat's Meow is a world-famous karaoke bar perfect for an great, wild time in New Orleans.   The stage is wide open for karaoke and boasts hundreds of songs for you and your friends to drunkenly belt out.  Sit back and laugh at everyone on stage or step up and show off your skills at this great Bourbon Street bar.

Johnny White's - Johnny White's opened its doors 19 nears ago and since then, they've never closed.  Yeah, that means even during brutal hurricanes like Katrina that ravaged this famous city.  Visit this rough and tough sports bar to drink with the locals and enjoy some of the best, strongest drinks in the French Quarter.

The Famous Door - Enjoy live music and great drinks at The Famous Door, one of the best bars on Bourbon Street.  This cozy, neighborhood bar provides a great time during the week and is a party hub for great events throughout the year like Mardi Gras and more.